COVID-19 Antigen Testing

COVID-19 Antigen Testing Service

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Are You Fit to Fly?

Planning a holiday but worried about your COVID-19 status? Many airlines and countries are now asking travellers for a Fit to Fly certificate to prove that they have had a negative COVID-19 PCR (antigen) test result in the 72 hours before arrival.

You can now easily access this service at our localclinic.Our clinicis offering the required antigen test, lab-analysis and certificate.

The antigen test consists of a simple swab which your pharmacist will post off to be assessed for the presence of COVID-19 infection.

The antigen test kit used for this new pharmacy service is also being used within the UK Government’s national COVID-19 testing programme.


Your result (and Fit to Fly Certificate if result is negative) will be emailed to you by your pharmacist within 72 hours.


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