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PharmaSuite® One of the leading providers of Private Pharmacy services & Travel Health in the Midlands.

We are a health clinic based in the heart of Leicester and have many branches across the midlands providing a wide range of travel related services and more.

Our clinic is managed by expertly trained registered Pharmacists.

We are specialists in worldwide health matters ranging from travel vaccinations, private health services, first aid and malaria prevention.


• Specialist travel services for all destinations

• Book an appointment time that suits you best

• Consultations are carried out by dedicated clinicians in a safe and pleasant environment

• Private waiting room and a private consultation room to cater for family or group appointments

• Evening and weekend appointments


How it Works

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Call us to book an appointment

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Have a free tailored risk assessment

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Get vaccinated and be protected

We will determine your needs when we meet you, forming your individual risk assessment. This is a comprehensive review and considers where you are going, for how long and what activities you will participate in for example trekking

• We will take into account your general health, any medication you are taking and any allergies you may have. Some treatments such as Malaria Prophylaxis are dependent upon the length of time you are travelling

• Consultations are by appointment, simply phone or email to book with one of our dedicated clinicians


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