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With results in only 10 minutes, the COVID-19 antibody test is a finger prick test which identifies if the body has developed an antibody response to a COVID-19 infection. It is not a viral test to identify if you currently have COVID-19.

The test is highly sensitive and specific detecting IgG antibodies;however, no test can be 100% accurate:

>99.9% Sensitivity - this means that among 1,000 people who have had coronavirus, almost 100% of them will correctly test positive.

98% Specificity - this means that among 1,000 people who have not had coronavirus, 980 of them will correctly test negative.

The antibody test should only be performed 21 days after recovery from COVID-19 symptoms or 28 days after contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms. This is to ensure that there has been enough time for detectable antibodies to have built up in the blood.


Please note that until proven, the presence of COVID-19 antibodies does not mean that you have immunity against further infection of the virus.


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